When a professor asks you to write a research article review, they are looking for something more than an objective article summary or a personal review. They are looking for a two-in-one approach. You’ll have to evaluate the author’s article, but you’ll provide a brief summary before that. It’s a complex assignment, so it’s no wonder why so many students struggle with writing an article review.
But you don’t need to struggle. Now that you found us, you’ll handle this educational challenge just fine. We’ll give you few tips on how to write this review. If you can’t do it, we’re here to offer professional writing assistance whenever you need it.

Why Is Article Review Writing So Hard?

There are several reasons why students find these projects challenging. These are not excuses. All reasons are valid.

  • It’s a complex academic project. It involves several sections, so you’ll have to shift between the objective evaluation and personal opinions quite a bit.
  • You can’t follow a precise template. Unlike a 5-paragraph essay, the article review doesn’t have a pre-set structure. You’ll base the format on the article you’re reviewing, so it’s more difficult to create an outline.
  • Academic articles are hard to read. Researchers use a specific style to describe their findings. A regular reader doesn’t usually understand all terms. Since you’re just a student and not yet a professional in the field, that style is too much. You can hardly understand the article, and you have to review it.
  • Time is always an issue for students. They have to fit several classes and countless assignments into their schedule. It’s just too hard, so they have to delegate part of the work. Hiring the best article writing service seems like an attractive idea in such a situation.

If you struggle with time or academic writing skills, there’s a solution. You can hire a writer online. But before that, how about few tips that help you write the content?

Tips: How to Write an Article Review

Are you ready to make an attempt? Here are some guidelines to help with that:

  • First, you have to read the entire article. It will be long. It will be complex. You might need to read it in sections over the course of few days. It’s okay. Give yourself the time you need.
  • Start by reading the abstract, introduction, opening sentences of each section, and the conclusion. This is enough for you to get a general idea of what the article is about. It’s enough for the first reading, but it’s not enough for you to write an entire review.
  • Once you have that general idea, you’ll read the entire thing. Pay attention to all details. Take notes during the process. If you have questions, write them down. If you don’t understand something and you have to Google it, write the things you realize.
  • Finally, read the article again. This time, you really understand it. You’ll probably need to note down few more things, since you’ll keep getting ideas and questions.
  • You’re done with the reading. Now, it’s time for the next step: freewriting. You’ll need to summarize the article for the review. So start writing how you understood it. Don’t rewrite or paraphrase; just summarize the article in your own words. Later, you’ll add some structure. Now, just write whatever you feel like writing. Once you’re done summarizing, start noting down your comments about the article. That’s the really important part of the review.
  • Now, it’s time for that structure. Write the outline for your article review. You already know what to include. The outline should guide you through the different points in a logical flow.
  • Fill in the outline. You have your notes. You have the structure. You know what the final result is supposed to look like. All you need to do is write it.
  • Article reviews take a lot of editing. You should be ready for this step. It’s best to take some time away from the assignment, so you’ll view it from a fresh perspective when it’s time for editing.


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