When you compare it to the final doctoral paper, the dissertation proposal doesn’t seem that challenging. It’s just the first step that you make towards the big project. That’s how most PhD candidates perceive it… until they start working on it.
How is it supposed to look like? How detailed should it be? Where should they even start? There are many questions related to it. It’s not easy, and that’s an understatement.
For many candidates, the PhD proposal is more challenging than the dissertation itself. It contains the essence of the doctoral paper. It gives its guiding points. When that part is taken care of, it’s easier to tackle the “big” project.
But what if you get stuck? What if the challenge turns out more overwhelming than you assumed? What if you end up needing dissertation proposal assistance? No worries! You can get such help at our website.

Dissertation Proposal Writing Tips from PhD Experts

If you’re about to start writing a dissertation proposal, you’ll surely appreciate few tips from real experts. At our website, we only assign orders of this level to writers who have PhD degrees in a relevant discipline. They are also willing to share free tips, inspired by their practices. Are you ready?

  • Talk to your mentor first! The practices of your university are unique. Following online guidelines is okay, but first you need a foundation. Your mentor will provide that for you. They will tell you about the format of the dissertation proposal. They will also indicate the expectations you’re supposed to meet.
  • Get your idea! Throughout your studies, you were surely attracted by a particular theme. You knew that your final project would be associated to it. Now, engage in brainstorming! Write down your thoughts about that big idea. Try to narrow it down to a specific topic that could inspire the research process. Talk to your mentor about it. The communication you maintain with the mentor is crucial for successful development of the proposal.
  • Outline! Your university may have special requirements regarding the format. But the usual outline for dissertation proposals includes these sections: title page, preface, abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, research design, expected results, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, and list of references. This will be a very structured project, so you definitely need an outline for it.
  • You’ll have to organize your life around the proposal project. That’s a huge commitment to make, and it’s usually the main reason why candidates need help writing dissertation proposal. The project will take away the time you usually devote to your family, friends, hobbies, and personal development. It might even require you to take some time off work.
  • Develop a timeline for your proposal. Universities don’t usually assign close deadlines for these projects, so the candidates have more flexibility to fit them into their lifestyle. That’s how most of them get stuck. They assume there’s plenty of time ahead, so they start procrastinating. You don’t want that. You want to write this paper by a precise deadline, which you’ll set for yourself. Then, break down the project’s development and put each stage into a planned time frame.

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So let’s say you invested a lot of effort into the proposal. You did your best. You started early and you started well. But somewhere along the way, you got distracted or overwhelmed. You’re looking at the document and you can’t force yourself to write another word. At that point, you realize you’re gonna need to rely on a dissertation proposal writing service.
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