What Do You Do When You Can’t Write a Professional Resume?

Oh, you came to that point in your life. It’s your very first professional resume. You just graduated, so you’re starting to hunt for a job you’re qualified for. Even if this is not the first job for you, you still need a new resume. You’ll still go through the same struggle.
Some people can’t write resume. It’s not a fault. They apply for jobs in industries that have nothing to do with writing. If you want to get into sales, for example, why would you need to know how to write the best resume?
Don’t blame yourself. If writing skills are not your forte, it’s okay. You’re not aspiring to be a writer or journalist. So you can do what any other person in your situation would do: hire a professional resume writing service to do this for you.

Resume Writing Tips from Pros

You’re still not ready to start searching for resume writing services? You’d like some tips that help you write the job application document yourself? Sure! Our writers are not selfish. They always kindly share tips and tricks with people who are willing to learn how to write.

  • Never write a generic resume that would be good for “any job.” There’s no such thing as a universal resume. You’ll have to revamp the document for each new position you’re trying to target. The company will have specific standards for the applicants. You’ll have to show how you’re good for that precise job. You’ll tweak the skills and qualifications, so you’ll present the most relevant ones. It’s a challenge to write a new resume every time, but you can do it.
  • The simplest way to write a resume is to follow a template. You can take few phrases out of it, maintain the format, and fill in the gaps with your information. It’s the easiest way, but it’s not the right thing to do. Do you know why? Most other applicants will do the same. This leaves the hiring managers with a pile of resumes that look too similar to one another. They will pay attention to the candidates who stand out from the rest. You want to stand out. That’s why our writers don’t recommend using a template.
  • Are you targeting a creative industry? If you’re applying for a job as a graphic designer or a photographer, the hiring manager will want proof of your creativity. They will check your portfolio to search for it. But before getting to the portfolio, they will read the resume. You want to show some creativity there, too. Play with the format. Add visuals or turn it into an infographic. Even a video resume is acceptable. But you first need to check if the employer accepts video resumes.
  • If you want to get into a corporate or any other stiff environment, it’s best not to get too creative. The employers in these industries have specific expectations and they like structure. So the standard format is the safest way to go. Still, the content has to be unique and impressive.

When Is It Time to Hire Resume Writing Services?

You tried. You did your best. But you have to be realistic. If you’re not that good at writing and you’re not confident in your grammar skills, it’s best to hire a resume helper while there’s still time for it.
These are your warning signs:

  • It takes too long for you to write the resume. It shouldn’t take more than a day or two. It’s just a brief piece of content about yourself. You’ll fit that content on a single page. If you notice that you’re struggling for days or even weeks and you can’t find a way to write the resume, it’s best to get help.
  • English is not your native language, and you don’t feel too confident when writing. The grammar is complex even for native speakers. If you want to be 100% sure that the resume is going to be flawless in grammar and format, hire a writer.
  • You don’t have any time to write it, since the application deadline is too close. You have other responsibilities and you can’t find the time to write. Don’t even think about it; hire a professional writer ASAP!
  • You want to make sure that the resume is going to be exceptional. You want to stand out as a candidate, and you want a pro writer to help with the resume writing process. It’s simple: you can hire your writer today.

We’ll Write the Perfect Resume for You!

There are several resume services that invite you to buy content at their website. What makes us special? Consider yourself as a client, who wants to invest money into a service. Clearly, you want to get impressive results as a return of that investment. We’re the ones who deliver the best results. Here’s why:

  • We have certified resume writers in our team. Depending on the industry you target, we’ll assign a writer with relevant experience. They hold a degree in your niche. They know what it takes for a candidate to get a job. They can write a resume that will meet the expectations of any hiring manager in that job market.
  • We meet deadlines. Unlike other resume services, we allow you to set a really short deadline for the document. We realize that you might need it ASAP, so it’s okay. Set any deadline that’s available in the order form, and we guarantee to have your resume ready.
  • You have special requirements for a resume format? No problem; we’ll follow them!
  • This is a place where you only get 100% custom-tailored resumes. They are unique. Not written on the base of templates. Entirely written according to your instructions!

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